About HOPE is Here

HOPE is Here began in December 2017 from a holy discontent that was growing in the heart of founder Greg Horn.  Having suffered his own suicidal thoughts in 2001 after a series of tragic events and losing three friends to suicide, Greg felt strongly that he was being called to make a difference.  HOPE is Here Ministries was birthed from a desire to shed light on the taboo subject of suicide and to offer hope and encouragement to people who are struggling with dark times.  It has broadened its scope to include community involvement, community assistance, counseling and mentoring. 


Our Team:

Greg Horn, Founder and Executive Director

Greg is best known as an encourager, coach, motivator, and speaker.  He speaks regularly to charity groups such as Lighthouse Ministries, various churches, and social groups on the topic of fear, gratitude, and HOPE.   He also hosts our radio show and podcast called HOPE is Here that broadcasts daily, Monday through Friday on multiple radio stations in Central Kentucky. 

Megan Jordan, Producer

Megan is a Holy Ghost filled, Jesus obsessed believer who has a passion for pursuing Christ and talking about Him. She is proudly married to the kindest, most patient man on the planet and is a joyful fur-baby mom to her dog and cats. Megan helps Greg by getting him on the schedule each week (sometimes the hardest part!) recording his programs, editing the programs and mixing the commercial into the end of each program. At times even getting the opportunity to lend her voice to his commercials when needed. Once everything is mixed, edited and ready, she sends them out to Susan and to his other radio platforms so they can take it from there like well oiled machines. Working with Greg is always a pleasure and blessing. 

​​​​Susan Shurkey-Coates, Administrator

Susan is the Creative Director for Legacy Video and Marketing Services.  She provides marketing services including website design, email marketing, newsletters, and promotional videos and more.  She's been working with HOPE is Here since day 1 brainstorming ideas and developing plans.  She loves the co-creation process and excited to see how HOPE is Here has grown.

​​​​​​Velva Gregory, Finance Director

​​Lynne Willis, Graphic Designer