Greg J. Horn, host of HOPE is Here, is best known as an encourager, coach, motivator, and speaker.  Greg not only talks about HOPE, he lives it.  He battled his own depression and thoughts of suicide after losing his business, his home, and his marriage in a 24-hour period.  He understands how devastating the thoughts of despair and lack of HOPE are.  Greg has also experienced the loss of several friends by suicide in his life, and the recent suicide of a friend with two beautiful young children and a great job showing no signs of depression brought Greg to his knees.  Greg’s heart broke and he had a prompting from God that, “This breaks my heart too.  Let’s do something about this together!”  Because of Greg’s personal experience, he felt strongly that God was calling him to make a difference in people’s lives when they are facing hardships, depression, grief and other difficult/painful circumstances.  He knew the answer was to offer HOPE consistently through his voice and providing a platform for others to share who had overcome tremendous adversity in their lives and in December 2017 “HOPE is Here” was born!  Now, with more than 32,000 podcast downloads and thousands responding to his daily radio broadcasts, the message of “HOPE is Here” is spreading.  With more than 1000 downloads a month, “HOPE is Here” has listeners from California to Brazil and Canada to New Zealand.


Greg uses his experiences and platforms of “HOPE is Here” and being in Chapter 6 of National Best Selling Author, John Maxwell’s book, “Failing Forward” to speak to audiences to let them know that there is always HOPE!


HOPE is Here brings hope to those struggling with life’s difficult situations.


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